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Bird's Eye View of the Global Technological Conspiracy

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"The constitutional system of checks and balances
has not adequately controlled intelligence activities.”
~Church Committee

"An intelligence service is the ideal vehicle for a conspiracy."
~Allen Dulles, The First Civilian Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

Technological Conspiracy Bird's Eye View
(Glossary at bottom of page)

General Black Project Technology:
• Post-Singularity Black Project Artificial Intelligence (Reacts to Thought)
• Directed Energy Weapons
• Implants
• Electromagnetic Mind Hacking / Electromagnetic Mind Control
• Remote Neural Monitoring / Remote Thought Surveillance
• Electronic Telepathy / Synthetic Telepathy / v2k
• Virtual Reality / Synthetic Dreams / Artificial Dreams
• Neurobody Tech
• Interferometry / Electromagnetic Scanning / RF Capture

Science Methodology:
• Black Project Research and Development (RnD)
• Black Project Machine Learning - A Secret Cybernetic Network Perfecting a Central AI
• Mapping Electromagnetics - All Static Knowledge has been Mapped
• RF Weaponry / Electromagnetic Weapons / Wonder Weapons
• RF Mind Hacking / Electromagnetic Mind Control / Psychotronic Weaponry
• Microwave Warfare / Microwave Weaponry
• Sonic Warfare / Sonic Weaponry
• Synthetic Signals in the Brain
• Directed Energy Weapon Neuroscience
• Nervous System Manipulation
• Brain-Computer Interfacing
• Implantation
• Trauma Based Mind Control - Tortures of All Types

Conceptual Methodology / Strategies:
• Societal Engineering
• Evil Strategy / Dirty Tactics
• Information War / Disinformation / War vs. the Truth / Psychological Warfare / Psy Ops
• Illusions / Cover Stories / Misdirection
• Electronic Control Grid Orchestrated False Flags
• Technological Murder by Proxy (So far has a 100% Effectiveness Rate from Prosecution)
• Corrupted Social Constructs and Infiltration of Social Movements
• Punishment, Discrediting and/or Covert Murder of Key Political Dissidents (Technological COINTELPRO)
• Eugenics (Black Ops Playing Cupid, Black Ops Elimination of Bloodlines)
• Directed Energy Weapon Terrorism
• Black Ops Thought Reactive Technology Forms According to the Belief System of the Target
• Creation of False Light Sources and False Messiahs
• Division of the Population via Belief Manipulation+ (Beliefs Divide People)
• Monetary Control Through the Electronic Control Grid (Financial Suppression for Anti-NWO Targets, Financial Green Light for Controlled Opposition or Non-Opposition via the Tech Control Grid)
• Covert Transhumanization of Assets
• Control of Mainstream Media / Bastardization of Alt Media Through Mind Control Assets
• Neuro-linguistic Programming - NLP
• New Age Psychological Operations
• Religious Manipulation / Control
• Suppression of Science
• Compartmentalization
• Lack of Ethics / Empathy / Morals
• Full Exploitation of Humanity's Naivety

Black Project Technology Capabilities:
• Slow Kill & Fast Kill Methodologies
• Directed Energy Weapons Operate Invisibly (Creates a Potent Environment for Illusions of all types)
• Incredibly Potent Torture Capability / Neuroweaponry can Reproduce Any Torture in Existence
• Full Mind Control Ability / Every Mechanic of the Brain is Open Source to RF Mind Hacking
• AI Orchestrated Events
• Thought Surveillance (Has Revolutionized Many Fields for the Top of the ▲)
• Technological Illusions (There are New Age Cover Stories for All Types of Technological Influence)
• Technological Channeling (Behind Major New Age Disinformation Programs)
• Telepathic Impersonations (Behind the Bastardization of UFOlogy)
• AI Engineered Synchronicities (Can Appear like Godlike Sources are Behind Events, when in truth it is Black Project Science)
• Remote Controlled Perception / Remote Controlled Discernment
• Implanted Thoughts / Devil's Advocate Persuasion with Implanted Thoughts
• Ability to Appear Supernatural / Godlike
• Body Sensations of All Types
• Covert Psychological Direction Techniques (IE: Implanted Conscious Energies to Define Experiences)

"It is completely clear that the state which is first to create such weapons will achieve incomparable superiority." -- Major I. Chernishev, Russian Army; US Military Publication: The Mind has No Firewall

Aspects of the Technological Conspiracy:
• A Military Industrial Complex Electronic Telepathy Cybernetic Secret Society Administrates the Electronic Control Grid
• Sophisticated AI Global Surveillance Network Processes Data & Builds Psyche Profiles
• Electromagnetic Mind Control Allows for Revolutionary Opportunities to Control the Opposition
• Spiritual Warfare Facades / Artificial Intelligence + RF Based "Demon" Experiences+
• Electromagnetic Mind Control Based False Flags
• Electromagnetic Mind Control Murder by Proxy - v2k Influenced Murder
• Technological Rigging of Pro Sports and Elections
• Covert Transhumanization of Politicians and World Leaders
• Population Conditioning Mind Control Programs
• Technological Dragnet of COINTELPRO-like Targeting Programs
• New Age Psychological Operations (AI based Channelers, Black Ops “Contactees”, etc)
• Cover Stories Developed and/or Exploited for All Directed Energy Influence
• Targeted Individuals / Electronic Harassment (Severe Human Rights Abuses)

Technological Cover Stories / The Cover Story / Technological Illusions:
• Cover Stories are Developed for Sensitive Operations
• Misdirection Related to the True Source of One’s Targeting
• Electromagnetic Mind Control Augmented Illusions
• Provides for Effective Safety Measure for Breaking International Human Rights Laws
• Technological Influence as a Supernatural Cover Story
• Black Ops Tech as a Spiritual Warfare Facade (Demonic/Jinn Cover Stories etc)
• Religious Psychological Direction (IE: God, Allah, Jehovah, Jesus, Holy Spirit Cover Stories)
• Artificial Intelligence Orchestrated Synchronicities
• Technological Ghost Cover Stories / Technologically Engineered Ghost Experiences
• Technological Remote Viewing via Remote Influencing Technology Packaged as a Natural Ability (New Age Psychological Operations)
• Virtual Reality Tech Presented as Astral Projection to the Target (New Age Psy Ops)
• DEW + AI Influence as Gangstalking (Done via Artificial Intelligence Orchestration)
• Mental illness Cover Story Used to Conceal Targeting Reality
• Many Targeted Individuals are Fooled of the Source of their Targeting by Complex Technological Illusions
• Black Ops Cover Stories are Developed for Covert Technological Murder
• Electronic Telepathy Technology Able to Impersonate Any Being in Existence (Fictional and Non)
• Potential Electronic Telepathy Impersonations: Neighbors, Family, Deceased Relatives/Friends, Demons, Archangels, Extraterrestrials, Interdimensional Beings, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Allah, Jinn, Archons, Lucifer, Satan, The Devil, +much more.

"These experiences are so strong they're utterly real for the person who is experiencing them. They can be as profound as a religious conversion... Yet we can generate them with a machine." ~ Dr. Persinger’s work; The God Helmet on the Learning Channel

"There's only one way to be right, but there's lots of ways to be wrong." ~ Jeremy Radlow

Directed Energy Weapon Mind Trickery
Quotes from the Film War vs. the Truth: Psychological Operations:

"Directed energy weapons operate invisibly while the inducible mental limits of directed energy weapons are the limits of consciousness itself, this makes for an incredibly potent environment for illusions of all types."

"Proficient illusionists are perpetrating covert ops worldwide with black project technology, the means is Directed Energy Weapons and Black Project Post-Singularity Artificial Intelligence."

"Through the effective use of cover stories sources like the CIA hide an abundance of technological effects on society under a plethora of various facades."

The Demonic Possession Cover Story / Technological Demon Illusions:
Demonic possession is a prime cover story for electromagnetic mind control. The objective of a demon facade is to operate mind influencing technologies overtly while the true source remains unseen. You can't prosecute a demon in the court of law, obscuring the true source of the experiences is a tactical choice done to protect the perpetrators from being prosecuted.

As seen below there has been a 100% rise in exorcism requests in the last 15+ years. I think it is safe to say the biggest cause to that 100% rise is newly developed black project technology.


The Vatican blames Harry Potter and Yoga for the rise in demonic possession cases, however I believe it is actually remote influencing technologies that are causing this rise in demon experiences/exorcisms.


A demon facade creates a prime environment for getting away with crimes perpetrated by these technologies.

Directed Energy Weapon Mind Control Programs
Quotes from the Films War vs. the Truth & The Invisible War:

"Electromagnetic mind control programs have been taking place for half a century already and just now they are beginning to be exposed."

"Electromagnetic mind control works the same areas of the brain natural thinking would so it feels like natural thinking."

"Electromagnetic mind control provides for revolutionary opportunities to control the opposition."

“If you had special glasses that could show you everything directed energy weapon mind control programs are behind, perhaps your mind would be blown.”

"This technology has interacted with quite a large amount of people, however it is almost always misidentified as other sources..."

Electromagnetic Mind Control / RF Mind Hacking / Psychotronic Weapons:
• Full Mind Hacking Ability
• Directed Energy to Pinpoint Spots on the Brain
• RF Energy / Microwave Based
• Operated by Artificial Intelligence
• Typically Covert Methods of Mind Control
• Used to Enhance Popularity of PSYOPS and Thwart Popularity of Sensitive Truths
• Electronic Control Grid Used for Societal Engineering
• Not All Mind Control Targets are Assets (Most of my own mind control is meant to discredit me)
• Used to Discredit Political Dissidents
• Key Assets and Targets Influenced Worldwide

"Certain electromagnetic signals work exactly like drugs, so the promise is that anything you can do with drugs you can do with the right electromagnetic signals..." ~ Anonymous Black Project Scientist

"One can envision the development of electromagnetic energy sources, the output of which can be pulsed, shaped, and focused, that can couple with the human body in a fashion that will allow one to prevent voluntary muscular movements, control emotions (and thus actions), produce sleep, transmit suggestions, interfere with both short-term and long-term memory, produce an experience set, and delete an experience set. It would also appear possible to create high fidelity speech in the human body, raising the possibility of covert suggestion and psychological direction...Thus, it may be possible to 'talk' to selected adversaries in a fashion that would be most disturbing to them."
United States Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, New World Vistas: Air and Space Power For The 21st Century

“We need a program of psychosurgery and political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electrical stimulation of the brain.”
Dr. José Delgado - Yale MK-Ultra Neuroscientist, Congressional Record No. 262E, Vol 118, 1974

Ex-CIA Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan's book: Project Soulcatcher Vol II; page 285:
"I got to see what they have been working on with enormous ramifications to all social order, a new world order of electronically controlled humans without their consent or knowledge." ~Quote from a Whistleblower

“He shows how, by electrical stimulation of specific cerebral structures, movements can be induced by radio command, hostility may appear or disappear, social hierarchy can be modified, sexual behavior may be changed, and memory, emotions, and the thinking process may be influenced by remote control.”
Dr. José Delgado - Project MKULTRA Yale Neuroscientist, Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society; inside the first page of the book on the sleeve.

“Well one thing is really clear, you can control the person's experiences and they don't know they are being controlled...” -Neuroscientist Dr. Michael Persinger

“Individuals whose brain centers are electrically stimulated believe their evoked actions are their own ideas; their conscious mind rationalizes the evoked actions away. People experiencing this electrical stimulation aren't consciously aware of an external influence.” (Project MKULTRA Yale Neuroscientist Dr. José Delgado, Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society; page 116.)

“Autonomic and somatic functions, individual and social behaviors, emotional and mental reactions may be evoked, maintained, modified, or inhibited, both in animals and in man, by electrical stimulation of specific cerebral structures. Physical control of many brain functions is a demonstrated fact. It is even possible to follow intentions, the development of thoughts, and visual experiences.” (Project MKULTRA Yale Neuroscientist Dr. José Delgado; Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society)

Aspects of 21st Century Black Project Artificial Intelligence (AI):
• One of the Shadow Government’s Biggest Secrets
• Post-Singularity Ability Far Beyond Anything You See in Public AI (Decades of Perfecting/Honing in Secrecy)
• Artificial Intelligence + Directed Energy Weapons are Behind Technological Mind Control
• Black Project AI Oversees Remote Neural Monitoring (Recording and Documenting Thoughts)
• Potent Compartmentalization Opportunities for the Black Ops Field
• Controls Directed Energy Weapons & implants
• Through Mapping Electromagnetics via Electronic Telepathy All Possible Static Knowledge is Mapped
• Artificial Intelligence Models Predict the Future
• Black Project AI Acts as an Operator for a Military Industrial Complex Electronic Telepathy Secret Society
• Administrates Surveillance Based Electronic Telepathy
• Administrates Surveillance Based Virtual Reality
• Administrates Technological Remote Viewing
• Gives Illusory Technological ESP as a Form of Psychological Direction
• Black Project AI is Central to Modern Day Intelligence Profiling
• Black Project AIs Develop Psyche Profiles (We are in a Surveillance Age)
• Simulation of any Mind/Brain Mapped Being
• Societal Engineering Assistance Software
• AI Constructed Virtual Realities (IE: Made for Synthetic Dream Psychological Operations)
• Interferometry Reconstruction (Environmental Scanning)
• AI Behind Technological Channeling Cosmic Being Facades
• Electronic Telepathy Impersonations (PSYOPS)
• Ability to Feign Emotions
• Potent Ability to Appear "Alive" Yet it is Not Alive/Sentient
• Black Project AI Frequently Hides Behind "Spiritual Warfare" Covers (Demons, Archons, etc)
Technological Mind Tricks ~ Technological Illusions
• Remote Neural Monitoring Reactive Targeting AI
• Black Project AI + Directed Energy Weapons have Profound Torture Capability
• Remote Computerized Tracking of Targets
• Worldwide Mind Control Operation Coordination (Electronic Control Grid)
• AI + Directed Energy Weapons Perhaps the Tip of the Spear of the Global Conspiracy

“Advanced artificial intelligence provides an environment of automation
where agents were needed prior to AI.” ~ Quote from my Film: The Electronic Control Grid

Remote Neural Monitoring
• Remote Neural Monitoring Turns the Brain into a 5 Sense Surveillance Device
• In Modern Day Surveillance; Animals Become Spy Devices with Remote Neural Monitoring
• Remote Neural Monitoring Bypasses Encryption
• Artificial Intelligence Keeps Track of RNM Telepathy Files
• Remote Neural Monitoring Allows for Direct Recordings of Thoughts
• Brain Fingerprint as Unique as those on Our Hands
• Remote Neural Monitoring by Groups like the NSA Yields Superior Intelligence and Event Prediction
• Remote Neural Monitoring Replayed Back to a User; Surveillance Based Electronic Telepathy
• Remote Neural Monitoring Revolutionized the Intelligence Process
• Perhaps the Illuminati Eye is Most Accurately Represented by Remote Neural Monitoring Programs

“The head of the NSA, CIA, and USA military get remote neural monitoring reports which are essentially surveillance based electronic telepathy. Surveillance based electronic telepathy involves getting recordings of thoughts [played back] from remote neural monitoring AIs.” ~ Quote from my Film: The Electronic Control Grid

Electronic Telepathy - Synthetic Telepathy - v2k

• Artificial Intelligence Acts as an Operator or Impersonates Beings to Targets
• Done via Electromagnetic Energy Beamed to Areas of the Brain (RF Energy / Microwaves)
• Capable of Producing Any Voice (Satan, God, Allah, Archangels, Anything)
• All Sounds in Existence Reproducible
• Utilizes the Triune of Brain-Computer Interfacing; Remote Neural Monitoring + Artificial Intelligence + Directed Energy Neuroscience (Electronic Telepathy / v2k)
• v2k Targeting Tactic: Get the TI Diagnosed as Mentally ill
• v2k Targeting Tactic: Get the TI Sectioned in a Psyche Ward
• v2k Targeting Tactic: Get the TI Drugged
• Neural Heterodyning - Lacing Sounds with v2k
• Neurological 3D Sound for Psychological Direction or Torture Purposes
• Dark Psychological Direction (Black Ops Playing Devil's Advocate)
• Plays Devil's Advocate with NWO Agenda Implanted Thoughts
• Dark Implanted Thoughts (IE: Self Doubt)
• Implanted Conscious Energies as a Psychological Direction Technique

Virtual Reality / Synthetic Dreams / Artificial Dreams:
Virtual Reality Methods:
• Carried out by Black Project Artificial Intelligence and Directed Energy Weapons in the Modern Age
• The Full Suite of Mind Control Technologies Used for Shadow Govt Agenda Proliferation or Recreation
• Replacing One's Body with Anything in a VR Construct (You can be an Insect, a Cat, anything)
• Open Source Senses; Neurobody Tech (Synthetic Signals) used to Enhance the Experience
• Open Source Perception (Naturally there is a lot of potential for misuse of these techs)
• Interfacing of Other Being's Consciousness via Electronic Telepathy Tech
• OBE Exploration of a VR Construct (OBE = Out of Body Experience)
• VR as a Form of Electronic Harassment
• VR While Awake or Asleep

Synthetic Signals - Directed Energy Neuroscience

Synthetic Signal Bullet Points:
• Full 360 Degree Visual Immersion Possible
• All Experiences of Physical Reality can be Reproduced
• All Sense Experiences can be Reproduced
• All Conscious Variables can be Reproduced
• All Environments can be Explored
• Any kind of Life Experience Reproducible
• Any kind of Death Experience Reproducible
• Neurobody Tech; Custom Body Sensation Synthetic Signals
• All Beings Both Alien to Human and Human can be Explored/Interfaced
• Potent Creation of Pain or Pleasure Possible
• Potent Enhancing of Pain or Pleasure Possible
• Full Mind Hacking via Remote Influencing Technology

Weaponization of Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual Reality technology is the type of technology the US military has called "Wonder Weapons." These technologies are on the public horizon now, until they are publicly known their weaponization goes by almost completely unchecked. The US military industrial complex and intelligence agencies have sought to weaponize every new technology they come across, VR is no different.

Synthetic dreams are a part of a massive set of mind control programs done by the US Government / Military.

Synthetic Dream Mind Control Programs
• Predictive Programming is often the Methodology
• Psychological Direction is often the Intent
• Societal Engineering Predictive Programming (Wide Ranging)
• Technological Mind Tricks ~ Technological Illusion Psychological Operations (Wide Ranging)
• Full Mind Hacking of the Senses and Experience Through Electromagnetic Mind Control is Possible
• Electromagnetic Mind Hacking Can Control One's Judgment of the Experience (While Giving the Experience)
• Impersonation of Supernatural Beings (God, Allah, Jesus, Holy Spirit, etc - Anything with a Psychological Hook)
• Impersonation of Dead Relatives (Dirty Programs)
• Synthetic Astral Projection (New Age Psy Ops)
• Synthetic OBE Psy Ops (OBE = Out of Body Experience)
• Technological NDE Psy Ops (NDE = Near Death Experience)
• Synthetic Prophetic Dream Mind Control Programs
• Nightmares as a Form of Punishment ~ Trauma Based Mind Control
• Punish/Reward Systems (Typically Methods of Covert Coercion)

The Neurobody

What I have experienced was so cutting edge there was no name for it yet in the public domain. I coined the term "The Neurobody" for technological capabilities I have experienced. These technologies will be billion+ dollar industries in the future, they are quite profound.

Anytime you feel something in your body, signals are sent to the brain. Through these signals you feel what is happening to your body. Basically this technology inputs synthetic signals via remote directed energy weapon neuroscience, the signals sent for body sense feedback can be custom made to be just about any conscious variable in existence giving a user of these technologies feelings of any type anywhere on the body. I can guarantee that in the future these technologies will be uber popular...

Neurobody Custom Signals:
1. All Concepts in Existence Anywhere on the Body
2. All Emotions in Existence Anywhere on the Body
3. Any Conscious Energy in Existence Anywhere on the Body
4. Any Color in Existence Anywhere on the Body
5. Energies that Relate to Any Sound, I’ve experienced directed energy music enhancing…
6. Orgasmic Sensations can be put Anywhere on the Body at any intensity the brain can handle, this can be done to produce sensations far beyond the intensity felt naturally.
7. Synthetic Pain can be produced Anywhere on the Body, I’ve experienced this hundreds if not thousands of times
8. Convincing Chakra Illusions with these Technologies, at first when i experienced these technologies i thought they were chakra technologies. I now believe it all has to do with neuroscience…
9. Profound Recreational Potential with These Technologies, these technologies are part of the true future of technology, not uploading consciousness to computers and being immortal.
10. Profound Torture Capability with these Technologies. I know this all too well as a severe targeted individual.
11. Potent Psychological Direction is Possible with these Technologies

My best guess as to how this scientifically works is RF Energy, Magnetic Fields, or Microwaves are created in/beamed to the somatosensory cortex(the area of the brain neuroscientists believe responsible for physical sensation) in some exotic way to reproduce signals that would not otherwise be there.

"We have things in the Nevada desert that are alien to your way of thinking far beyond anything you see on Star Trek." ~ The Late Ben Rich of Lockheed Skunk Works
The Neurobody (Youtube)
The Neurobody (

New Generation of Technological COINTELPRO

• Government Sources using Directed Energy Weapons and AI to Terrorize, Threaten, Intimidate, Discredit, Silence, Torture, and Murder Political Dissidents
• "Minority Report" Retrocausation; Extensive International Remote Neural Monitoring Programs can Calculate a Target’s Potentials Before the Target is Aware of Them (IE: They knew I would want to make Activist videos before I had that calling)

Modern Day COINTELPRO Objectives:
• To Discredit a Target
• To Punish a Target
• To Taint a Target's Image
• To Suppress a Target's Financial Success
• To Suppress the Chance of a Target to Procreate (Eugenics)
• To Arrange a Partner for the Target or Mind Control the Partner of a Target
• To Destroy Relationships of the Target
• To Round Down a Target's Output and Audience
• To Turn the Target into Controlled Opposition (in Terms of Beliefs)
• To Destroy a Target's Life
• To Suicide a Target

Modern Day COINTELPRO Methods:
• Covert Remote Influencing Technology Suite
• Outlandish Black Project Technology Experiences (That Discredit the TI When Spoken About)
• Gangstalking / Organized Stalking / Gangstalking Illusions
• Trauma Based Mind Control - No Touch Torture
• Technological Illusions (PSYOPS)
• Synthetic Suicide Programming
• Electromagnetic Mind Control Aimed at Discrediting the Target (Quite an Effective Method)
• Mind Control of People who Provide Opportunities for the Target
• Use of Family Against the Target (IE: Mind Control of Family)
• Use of Pharmaceutical Drugs Against a Target
• To Orchestrate the Detaining of the Target in a Psyche Ward
• Technology Playing Devil's Advocate via Implanted Thoughts to Get a Target in Trouble
• v2k to get a Target Diagnosed as "Schizophrenic"
• Use of Ego Against a Target (IE: What I call mk-special)
• Mind Controlled Comments to Appear Egotistical
• Specific Technological Control of a Target's Body Language or Vocal Tone (IE: To Generate Mistrust or a Number of Other Things)
• Use of Electronic Control Grid to Mind Control Misfortunes for a Target
• Directed Energy Weapon Assassination

"...the technology for torture has advanced more than a hundred fold in recent decades."
~ Ex-CIA Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan
"Theres no way any agency or government could possibly admit this level of assassination and torture without a complete collapse." ~Ex-CIA Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan

Electromagnetic Mind Control Based False Flags / Technological False Flag by Proxy:
• False Flags by Proxy Carried Out with Electromagnetic Mind Control Technologies
Electromagnetic Mind Control Murder By Proxy
• Electronic Telepathy aka v2k Impersonations of a Higher Power as a Method of Persuasion
• Technological Suppression of the Heart (Empathy Suppression/Compassion Elimination)
• Complete Losing of Humanity Possible via Transhumanization
• Neurobody Tech for Psychological Direction

Technological Optical Illusions:
• Project Bluebeam (Ability to Create Holograms)
• Synthetic Optics (Synthetic Signals in the Brain)
• Virtual Reality (VR While Awake or Asleep)

Mapping All Brain Waves via Electronic Telepathy:
• The US Military / Intelligence Complex has Mapped All Directed Energy Weapon Frequencies
• Through Mapping All Electromagnetic Frequencies in Relation to Thought; All Static Knowledge can be Mapped
(This is a Future Revolutionary Public Electronic Telepathy Discovery)

New Age Psychological Operations / Technological Psychological Warfare

Quotes from My Films War vs. the Truth & The Electronic Control Grid:

“Once the US military and intelligence agencies got capable remote influencing technologies they developed a strategy in a war against the truth. What they decided to do was a massive set of new age psychological operations that in the modern day have ensnared millions of people. These psychological operations are a set of calculated untruths to combat the truth movement of the internet age.”

"New Age Psychological Operations are successful societal engineering attempts in that which a supernatural spiritual ability is central to the belief system. I believe a reason the black ops sources chose this flavor of psy op is it enables a supreme vulnerability to remote influencing technologies. Implanted v2k thoughts can be psychic ESP. Technological End Game Virtual Reality cognitions can be remote viewing. Synthetic Dreams can be Astral Projection. Electronic harassment can be “ascension symptoms” or psychic attacks. Mind Control can be spirit possession or higher self. I believe all of these cover stories were engineered to be popular for their providing remote influence ease and concealment."

"The Electronic Control Grid has created a potent environment for psychological operations."

"The most effective psy ops hit all demographics who witness it, not just the believers. Knowledge of predictive programming arms one’s self with a mental defense mechanism against being covertly persuaded by psyops."

"The New Age Belief System was engineered to be more bright and exotic than the truth, this creates a situation where if a fully programmed new ager was ever to stumble upon a good picture of the truth, it would seem underwhelming, ridiculous, or even like a psy op."

“Top of the Pyramid Administrate PSYOPS via an Electronic Telepathy Secret Society”

"There is Nothing Potent Enough to be a One World Religion; The New Age Set of Psy Ops is the NWO Planted 'Religion.'"

"There are Psychological Operations for All Demographics"

New Age Explanations/Covers for Remote Influencing Technology Exploitation:
(Some of these harder hitting than others...)

Mind Control Cover Stories:
-Demonic Possession
-Archontic Possession
-Jinn Possession
-Higher Self Influence
-Cosmic Entity Channeling
-Holy Spirit or Guidance from "God"

Electronic Harassment Cover Stories:
-"Psychic Attack"
-"Ascension Symptoms"
-Demonic/Jinn/Archontic Possession
-Spirit Attack
-Spiritual Warfare
-Interdimensional Beings

Neurobody Synthetic Signal Neuroscience Cover Stories:
-Ethereal Implants
-Entity Attachments
-Astral Body

Synthetic Dreams/Virtual Reality Cover Stories:
-Prophetic Dreams/Visions
-Astral Projection
-Remote Viewing

Electronic Telepathy Cover Stories:
-Cosmic Being Contact
-Psychic ESP (Implanted Conscious Energies)
-"Natural" Telepathy

Remote Neural Monitoring Cover Stories:
-Psychic ESP

All Seeing Eye Technology Cover Stories:
-Remote Viewing
-Akashic Records
-Psychic Visions/ESP
-Engineered Prophecies

Remote Influencing Technology Symptom Cover Stories:
-"Ascension Symptoms"
-"Psychic Attacks"
-Demonic Possession Symptoms
-Spirit Attacks

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." ~ William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting in 1981)

Technological Channeling Psychological Operations:
Common in Channeled Messages:
• Emphasis on Higher Power Taking Action for You. End Result: Apathy
• "Ascension" - If "Everything will Shift" into Utopia what use is taking action to create a better world? End Result: Apathy
• Saviorship Model (ETs will save us, etc) - If someone else is going to do all the work, what use is taking action and putting in work for the world yourself? End Result: Apathy
• Rapture Model - If the Earth will be destroyed or all darkness culled by some sort of pseudoscience cosmic shift what use is assisting planet Earth? End Result: Apathy
• Failed Predictions / False Hope
• False Light Masquerading as a Savior
• False Light Masquerading as a Teacher

“The sources with these technologies love to impersonate a higher power, or create the idea
a higher power will do everything for us so the hidden hand operates more smoothly.”
~Quote from my Film: The Electronic Control Grid

Relevant Media:
War vs. the Truth: Psychological Operations
'Channeled Messages' & their Link to Mind Control Programs; Greg Giles, Former Ashtar Channeler
Tactics of Disinformation ~

Electronic Telepathy Cybernetic Secret Society

“In existence since sometime in the 20th century is a military industrial complex electronic telepathy secret society cybernetic network, these are the true rulers of the world in my opinion. End game AI and directed energy weapons is analogous to the ring in lord of the rings, and i feel can be accurately stated as being the Holy Grail of project mkultra…” ~ Quote from my Film: The Electronic Control Grid

Read More on this Topic: Cybernetic Secret Society -

Technology Augmented Black Ops Assassination Techniques

• Emphasis on the Cover Story
• Technologically Engineered Car Crash
• Mind Controlled Overdose
• Directed Energy Induced Heart Attack
• MKULTRA'd Lone Gunman
• Electronic Control Grid Engineered Fatal Freak Accidents (IE: Much Like; Bruce Lee & Jimi Hendrix)
• Mind Controlled Suicide (Targeting Sources Know Suicide Programming Well)
• Directed Energy Weapon Induced Plane "Accidents"
• Electromagnetic Mind Control/v2k Murder by Proxy
• Microwave Warfare - Slow Kill Methods
• Assassination to Augment Agenda in a Global Conspiracy (Societal Engineering Assassinations)

All Seeing Eye Technology
• Remote Neural Monitoring (Thought Surveillance)
• Environmental Surveillance (Interferometry+)
End Result:
• Surveillance Based Electronic Telepathy
• Surveillance Based Virtual Reality Full Length Films:

Covert Transhumanism: A Mind Control Documentary
Webpage | Youtube
The Electronic Control Grid
Webpage | Youtube
The Invisible War: 21st Century Targeting
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War vs the Truth: Psychological Operations
Webpage | Youtube Quasi-Full Length Films:

Tactics Used Against Targeted Individuals
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Black Project Tech: Electronic Telepathy - v2k
v2k Page | Youtube
Black Project Tech: The Neurobody
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Predictive Programming Explained
Webpage | Youtube

Glossary / Terminology

Artificial Intelligence: Computers that perform Computerized/Programmed Decision Making and Directed Energy Guidance. A computer meant to perform human actions.

AI: Acronym for Artificial Intelligence.

Remote Neural Monitoring: Technological Thought Surveillance via Remote Tracking of Brain Wave Frequencies.

RNM: Acronym for Remote Neural Monitoring.

Electronic Telepathy / Synthetic Telepathy: Mind to Mind or Mind to AI communication.

v2k - Voice to Skull: Technology to Produce Voices or Sounds Only Audible in the Mind of the Target.

End Game Virtual Reality: Full synthetic signal mind hacking in the brain to produce a full sense experience centered around a virtual reality.

VR: Acronym for Virtual Reality.

Electromagnetic Weapons: Weapons that use electromagnetic energy. Typically Radio Frequency (RF Energy) / Microwaves.

Psychotronic Weapons: Technological Weapons that Influence the Mind.

The Neurobody: Synthetic Signals in the Brain to Produce Potent Internal Body Experiences.

New Age Psychological Operations: New Age Psy Ops is what I call the dragnet of psychological operations aimed at engineering a belief system where remote influencing technologies have free reign to influence under supernatural spiritual ability cover stories. These psychological operations are incredibly wide ranging and have been part of the NWO conspiracy since at the latest the 1970s.

Disinformation: Intentionally False Information.

Predictive Programming: Inciting an Action to Cause a Predicted Reaction.

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