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Blue Avian / Sphere Being Alliance PSYOP

This appears to be an artificial intelligence enhanced psychological operation, in other words groups like the US military and/or CIA would employ the use of black project singularity AIs that have access to all static knowledge in existence through mapping all brain waves. This gives PSYOPS handlers the ability to choose from a wide variety of information when weaving their deception.

When I read Corey Goode's stories it strikes me as AI formulated disinformation with advanced NLP and subject crafting (Far beyond Corey Goode's intelligence in crafting). It is very clear to me that the Sphere Being Alliance is a NWO promoted PSYOP. I have been aware of this PSYOP since approximately Fall of 2014, but held silence on my websites because I had a policy of not naming and shaming intelligence assets out of respect, largely due to my perspective that many of the NWO assets in alt media are being unwittingly influenced by psychotronic electromagnetic technologies, in other words they believe they are promoting the truth.

I am not sure if Corey Goode is a complicit and willing asset, or he is just being duped like many other popular New Age sources who think they are interacting with or channeling extraterrestrials. What I can say with full confidence is that he is a disinformant, his information is a cleverly crafted con. A new rendition of PSYOPS techniques that are tapered on a curve of sophistication. Once a con is discerned by a lot of people the PSYOP tactics move on to a further designed technique. For example channeling seems to be going out of style since no largely identifiable ascension event happened on December 21st, 2012.

In the past common intelligence & military constructs used are black ops electronic telepathy based extraterrestrial impersonations or electromagnetic mind control packaged as cosmic entity channeling. This new rendition is packaged as a "military whistleblower", advancing the New Age PSYOPS technique one step further...

If you remember what I say about PSYOPS techniques advancing on a curve, perhaps you will notice this pattern behind future PSYOPS. And if you want to know about the Blue Avian / Sphere Being Alliance & Corey Goode PSYOPS, below is my analysis.

The Blue Avian PSYOP:
• Promotes standard contrived CIA mkultra-created New Age cosmological ideology
• Continues a grand deception related to extraterrestrials (I am not saying they do not exist)
• Supports and promotes one of the biggest New Age deceptions on the planet, the channeled material Law of One by a fictitious AI generated entity known as "RA" (One of the Satanist ideologies in this channeling is a concept known as moral relativism, in other words there is no right or wrong it's all in our heads)
• After propping up Corey Goode, he can now be used to slander and discredit any sensitive truth source and the gullible mind controlled flocks will lap up anything he says as truth (Like he has been used in the past to slander and discredit myself and others such as Bill Ryan)
• Promotes apathy by presenting the idea of an ascension shift taking care of Earth's deepest problems
• Predictive programming related to UFOlogy and the field of extraterrestrial information
• Predictive programming related to potential future events
• Black project technology used to engage psyche profiled targets with faux-alien electronic telepathy or neuroscience based virtual reality packaged as an OBE or 'astral projection'. Aliens known as "Blue Avians" are being impersonated to the global population to enhance this psychological operation.
• Mainstream media programs such as 'Ancient Aliens' have taken hold to Corey's story, I suspect his intelligence and military handlers paved the way for this and we will see even more proliferation of this deception
• Corey Goode is credibly rumored to rip information off from other people, for example I'm almost certain he got the information that electronic telepathy impersonations are occurring from myself, ironically a person he discredited
• Many call Corey a fraud, in other words saying he has never been to Mars or Venus as claimed, another potentiality to this is he is being given elaborate end game virtual reality experiences. This is the scenario that he is unwitting of his disinformation campaign (which I find a bit less likely than witting at this point)
• Creation of a negative NLP connotation to the word "Whistleblower" among those who know he is a fraud in some form. This would be done due to the fact that whistleblowers are one of the biggest threats to the covert dominion of Earth.
• Alt media mind control assets promote Corey Goode (e.g. David Wilcock)
• In a reality where extraterrestrials do in fact exist, it is possible that the most delusional about extraterrestrials are the believers after decades of unabated PSYOPS
• In Corey's first interview, he stated that myself (A targeted individual of government technologies & COINTELPRO) was 'infected with a sentient sovereign world destroying alien AI', which gullible flocks of New Agers shamefully believed
• As Bill Ryan said, "This is being promoted and pushed." A sizable amount of money is behind this PSYOP. Most true whistleblowers get very little attention, and I'm not aware of a single one with a 5 or 6 figure advertising budget being pushed across alt media


I also have a personal story with Corey Goode, I would not call it a vendetta by any means. I'll put it this way: I have a pattern of not posting specific names behind PSYOPS in the past, Corey Goode's slander campaign and discrediting of myself shortly before he blew up in alt media has earned himself the opposite of that respect.

The Corey Goode PSYOP:

1): An intelligence/military electronic telepathy communication once told me I would be discredited for exposing their secrets some years back, after the discrediting happened it was clear that Corey Goode was to be used as a tool to detract from the sensitive electronic targeting and electronic control grid testimony the CIA & co knew I would be presenting to the public. Corey Goode turned a whole demographic of new agers against me. His demeanor and ability to fabricate, exaggerate, and lie showed me rather obviously that there is no way he would be chosen as the planetary representative of an extraterrestrial Federation meant to save mankind.

2): As someone in the know about black project AI I knew immediately that what Corey Goode was saying about artificial intelligence was clearly and blatantly some sort of intelligence or military PSYOP for public consumption. Corey Goode references Hollywood movies to corroborate his outlandish and incorrect ideas about artificial intelligence.

3): Corey Goode promotes the standard New Age disinformation archetype; densities, ascension, channeled material, a "Soul Harvest" of the elite souls on Earth, a smorgasbord of extraterrestrial themed deceptions packaged as our savior, CIA & co influence packaged as spiritual warfare, sentient world destroying alien AI focused on earth (fear porn), etc.

4): Corey Goode has been engineered to be the 'Secret Space Program Headliner', if patterns are the same as other fields there is someone or multiple people out there that this operation is meant to overshadow. One pattern that is a verified CIA method is co-opting something that is against the desires of the CIA, but inevitable. In other words propagating a bastardized version in a topic of interest for various strategic reasons.

5): Corey Goode stated in 2015 before he got big money deals that the 'Blue Avians insist that his information is free.[1]', as seen here:
Image Credit -

6): Corey Goode has stated he is "on the payroll[1]" and has superiors, as seen in this smartphone skype screenshot:
Image Credit -

7): Corey says that anything can be faked[1] to rationalize him not presenting evidence or video proof of his solar system exploits, hardly a decent explanation. Stuff like visiting a slave colony on Mars or a trip to Venus.

8): As an initiate to the world picture via my own ties I notice real events being interwoven into Corey Goode's story as a means to predictively program the population in areas surrounding ground breaking world changing historic events coming in the 21st century. The shadow government has knowledge of future events and can align PSYOPS strategically weaponized against future events that oppose their dominion. I have discerned that this is happening with the Corey Goode PSYOP.

[1]: thread created by Bill Ryan: The Truth About Corey Goode


  1. Thank you Thomas for allowing me to join

  2. The Blue Avians are very real they are the AKHU as presented in Terra Papers we shere their DNA.

    1. The PSYOPS sources have linked all sort of their hullabaloo with the Blue Avians. RA from the Law of One, and I guess even AKHU from the Terra Papers can be added to that list. Both are likely or confirmed PSYOPS.

      I am not sure how much DNA we "shere" with them. The truth is separated from what the public largely gets. And that which is sensitive truth that the public does get there is cover up based information warfare operations to program the masses in the areas that the truth actually does get to them... I try to deprogram illusions but people have to have the vision to see it for what it truly is. Some do not have that vision...


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