Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Fake Alien Invasion PSYOP

Wernher Von Braun's friend Carol Rosin was the first I noticed blowing the whistle on a shadow government plan to stage a fake alien invasion. If you do not know who Wernher Von Braun is he was a Nazi rocket scientist who ended up working for NASA under Operation Paperclip[1].

“Good morning my name is Carol Rosin. In 1974 after being a 6th grade school teacher,
I was introduced to the late Dr. Wernher Von Braun, in the U.S. the father of rocketry.
In my first meeting with him during that first three and a half hours, he said to me
‘Carol you will stop the weaponization of space’. And I said ‘you know, teachers don’t
stop until June’. He said ‘no, you have to understand ... we have to prevent the
weaponization of space because there is a lie being told to everyone.' That the
weaponization of space is now first being based upon the evil empire, the Russians.
There are many enemies he said against whom we’re going to build this space based weapons
system, the first of whom was the Russians which was existing at that time. Then there
would be terrorists, then there would be 3rd world countries now we call them rogue nations
or nations of concern, then there would be asteroids. And then he would repeat to me
over and over, the last card would be the extraterrestrial threat.[2]
~Carol Rosin

Some of my own insider knowledge of future events shows me this PSYOP is as far as I'm aware, much more multifaceted than alternative media currently knows. This is because nobody inside the electronic telepathy network is speaking on the internet about this (until now). I am not asking people to believe this information. All I ask is to document what I say for later clarity if these events do happen. My own knowledge of this PSYOP involves:

• A genuine disclosure event is what this PSYOP is likely to be centered around
• More PSYOPS will undoubtedly be released on a timed curve, weaponized against the disclosure event
• Perpetrating a fake alien invasion I suppose is possible right before a true disclosure event (I find this not probable, but worth mentioning)
• Wernher Von Braun's exposure of a potential fake alien invasion may have shifted the plans surrounding this event (Hard to paint a successful rocket scientist & Director of a NASA program as a crackpot)
• Using the premise of a fake alien event or invasion to predictively program the population about a legitimate disclosure event that PSYOPS are currently being weaponized against
• Predictive Programming of alternative crowds, done due to an emerging imminent threat to the conspiracy
• A disclosure event is in the works that will rely on humanity's knowledge in part to deconstruct the deceptions, this PSYOP could be partially or fully predicated on this premise
• The ultimate objective of this PSYOP could be to disorient coordination and cohesiveness of alternative media during a disclosure event that will show both dominant alt media and mainstream perceptions as (to put it respectfully) incorrect
• If alt media is scattered, confused, and PSYOP'd in general people may not be able to detect accuracy to disclosure truths that will even shock conspiracy crowds
• What Wernher appeared to be saying was they will use the notion of a fake alien invasion to justify the weaponization of space, what this has turned into is a conspiracy notion of a physical or hologram invasion by terrestrial forces framed as aliens (Project Bluebeam, etc)
• It appears so far the weaponization of space has ended up being done much more covertly than Wernher Von Braun thought (Covert satellite based directed energy weaponry), however his sequence of progression was definitely of insider quality from what I can tell and his whistleblowing may end up being quite prophetic or preventative in nature
• Notice Wernher mentioned terrorism used as a predictive programming mechanism (Wernher died in 1977 according to wikipedia), instead of the weaponization of space, terrorism was used to justify a surveillance state and a military industrial complex funding smorgasbord which resulted in space and ground based directed energy weapons perpetrating electronic targeting programs so pervasive even mentioning the full scope of the conspiracy sounds completely wild

Extraterrestrial Presence

• I can assure anyone willing to listen, extraterrestrials do exist and are involved with our planet (Both evil & well intentioned extraterrestrial federations)
• Global contact with extraterrestrials including introduction to the galactic community is what the true disclosure event is centered around. This is an immutable event for the shadow government. Suppression is their only feasible objective in terms of prevention.
• Psychological warfare can be centered around secret government extraterrestrial contacts due to it's intelligence or prophetic nature (Whether the extraterrestrials are complicit or not)
• The shadow government (Who controls national governments in many forms) is well aware of a real & imminent disclosure event coming for mankind. A plethora of psychological operations have been concocted from this truth, for example I theorize that the Blue Avian / Sphere Being Alliance PSYOP is centered around manipulating perception of disclosure subjects. Internet crowds are being conditioned for desirable beliefs and traits to be in contrast to the disclosure event's subjects.
• While I am saying that an ET presence is here, beware of alt media extraterrestrial information. What you find in the new age crowds is full of half truths which are precisely calculated psychological warfare.
• Due to abundant levels of false information originating from sources like the CIA, despite extraterrestrials being involved with earth, the demographic who believes in extraterrestrials may be the most delusional about the subject.
• A massive amount of extraterrestrial themed government sanctioned psychological operations have featured disclosure and global contact themes, from what I can tell they are partially based on generating misconceptions about a real event. e.g. To people with a certain kind of sense New Age PSYOPS are obviously completely deluded, as result some of the key subjects of New Age PSYOPS are discredited by association.
• New Age PSYOPS are incredibly complex, one pattern into a mind control asset's media and many objectives can be hit at once. For example if a deluded construct about global contact is repeated over and over, once the truth finally comes out (after the fact) it will appear nonsensical due to the mechanics of consciousness
• Mind programming knowledge of the shadow government fully weaponized (If one thinks they know it all about this, they are probably full of shit)
• Shadow government sources are in addition to concealing and suppressing credible extraterrestrial truths, promoting all manner of extraterrestrial related deceptions. This throws many demographics for a loop, in particular the compartmented intelligence community who think ETs may not be here and find the idea of extraterrestrials incredulous due to the obvious mind control programs in the field of paranormal. It also throws perma-skeptics for a loop because most perma-skeptics are too assumptive by nature, assumptive towards disbelief instead of belief (Perma-skeptic is a binary with it's opposite the credophile). Perma-skeptics are made fodder with the spoken of tactic because they assume things in a very simple fashion, for example they think that a conspirator would not do contrasting actions in the same category...

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