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Flat Earth Psychological Operations - The Flat Earth PSYOP

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A few major things I see with this flavor of psychological operation is a dividing of the conspiracy demographic and heavily discrediting the flat earth segment of that demographic while effectively assassinating the credibility of conspiracy truth by association. The CIA has a major agenda to misrepresent and/or discredit conspiracy aware persons, as seen with their Operation Mockingbird NLP tactic of molding the societal view and weaponizing the term “conspiracy theorist” after the JFK assassination.

In an attempt to help people avoid being controlled opposition, here are some points for a spherical earth and why Flat Earth is a PSYOP:
Why Earth is (Generally) a Sphere:
• Day and night happen simultaneously in different time zones
• Time zones are lapsed in a fashion that completely matches a spherical earth
• Flat earth sun models are completely contrived (Especially if you throw in seasons / solstices / equinox, the arctic circle - tropic of cancer / tropic of capricorn, and eclipses)
• The shape of Planet Earth is witnessed with it's shadow during a lunar eclipse. Do flat earth lunar and solar eclipse models make sense at all?
• The Equator & it's temperatures don't make much sense in a flat earth model when you add the Arctic Circle
• Eratosthenes' calculation of Earth's circumference would not work in a flat earth model[1]
• All visible planets in our solar system + the Sun are spherical
• The cosmos is full of spherical objects
• Planet Earth's axial tilt and seasons as result make full sense with a spherical planetary model. The same axial tilt mechanics are observed elsewhere in our solar system (e.g. Saturn[8])
• In the Northern hemisphere the night sky rotates anti-clockwise around Polaris. In the Southern hemisphere the night sky revolves in a clockwise direction around Sigma octantis identified by The Southern Cross. This is because of the opposing perspective caused by standing upside down in relation to the opposing hemisphere. Impossible on a flat earth plane[6][7]
• A curved open atmosphere has been proven to me, as I have witnessed a large asteroid fly in and out of the atmosphere. This could not happen with a firmament or flat earth.
• Is it really that rational to think all shooting stars are some NASA or Project Bluebeam conspiracy?
• You can witness the curvature of the Earth by watching a ship come within the furthest line of sight
• Balloons can take a video camera up into the Earth's upper atmosphere
• 'Fish Eye' is not a legible explanation for the full curve witnessed by balloons in the upper atmosphere
• I have caught flat earth videos with proven lies with simple fact checking
• Proven Liar: Math Boylan saying a Moon of Mars is "Opi papa" in his flat earth presentation

“The shadow government is always thinking of ways to discredit the truth.”
Motives to Promote Flat Earth:
• Flat Earth is worse for credibility than nearly any other belief
• CIA & co-conspirators have a yearning agenda to discredit conspiracy truths and conspiracy aware people - What does flat earth do? Flat earthers are discredited to the point of near complete marginalization, and conspiracy aware people are discredited by association
• Predictive programming related to this new surge of flat earth material must include a demographic of people that associate irrational beliefs to general conspiracy aware people
• Each new piece of conspiracy truth a flat earther shares is further discredited by association
• Who does this surge in flat earth material tangibly benefit? It discredits conspiracy truths, so obviously it benefits those involved in a pervasive conspiracy (e.g. The CIA or perhaps any other Western intelligence agency)
• Flat Earth as an electromagnetic mind control eugenics option - Highly controversial flat earth beliefs make it harder to find a suitable partner
• Misrepresentation of NASA opposition through flat earth PSYOPS: NASA is so full of shit it needed a massive co-opted opposition to better conceal it’s secrets (which are hidden in plain sight on the internet, often on flat earth sites now)
• Flat Earth discredits NASA Opposition, especially to the scientific community
• Flat Earth beliefs can be tactically weaponized with the products of mkultra against conspiracy believing demographics
• Flat Earth to discredit potentially the best truth source on the internet (Youtube)
• Making a mockery of alt media
• Division of conspiracy belief prone demographics (Even I'm guilty of not following a fellow truther due to flat earth being in their twitter bio)
• Creates an environment where alt media appears absurd to the mainstream, gives a sample of irrationality to over-simplify to all conspiracy believers
• It appears one of the objectives with the flat earth PSYOP is to make people believe that satellites do not exist, and thus further cover up one of the biggest actual conspiracies in the world, murderous satellite based directed energy weapon terrorism
• Flat Earth as a stratagem to divide & control the opposition

Flat Earth PSYOP Methodology:
• Electromagnetic mind control augments all major psychological operations (Flat Earth is no different)
• Electronic control grid can make a concept viral (i.e. Assisted with flat earth)
• Resourceful use of the idiosyncrasies & deceptive nuances of the universe to persuade to a false conclusion
• Use of illusions & trickery in videos - Video hoaxes / Optical illusions
• Perspectives based around the quackery of modern science and/or NASA
• Bribery / Paying people off to promote the flat earth false ideology (Evidenced below in an image of an email)
• Neural monitoring of PSYOP consumers to better hone & craft content
• Neural monitoring of consumers of flat earth material to better hone PSYOPS
• Some flat earthers would not be flat earthers without electromagnetic mind control
• Tax payer dollars funneled into strategic mass deception
• Information warfare weaponized against the civilian population

“The black ops sources operate most effectively if their presence is unknown.”

Alt Media Bribery

Suspiciously a "group of elite business professionals" are paying popular alt media people off to promote flat earth. Something tells me this has a CIA or U.S Military tax-payer dollar amount attached to it...

Matthew Boylan says he worked for NASA as an artist and is cited as a whistleblower of Flat Earth. I watched the best Math Boylan video I could find and fact checked some of the things that can be fact checked out of the video. For example Math Boylan claims he worked on a fake image for a Moon of Mars named "Opi Papa", well Opi Papa is not a known Mars Moon. Now why on earth would an otherwise bright guy like Math Boylan promote flat earth? Is he being paid off like one might suggest after seeing the 4biddenknowledge attempted bribe? Does he just not value the truth of his alleged mission and is willing to blatantly fabricate things?


Ironically, the flat earth theory can be easily debunked simply isolated to the material within flat earth content itself if you look hard enough.

This Flat Earth video can be debunked with a simple straight line (Note the title of the video):

"It is amazing how many clever, well-meaning and spiritually oriented individuals have been
suckered in by this transparent pseudo-scientific sham." ~Sean Caiside of


Article Snip taken from
"No one is saying that the current scientific paradigm that involves both astrophysics and astronomy is not full of holes. Nor is there any reason to stop questioning every aspect of those various disciplines of modern science which have been shown to fall short … some woefully short of the mark. However, the [Flat Earth Conspiracy] was designed from the get-go to take any rational discussion into a completely irrational direction.[3]"


Article Snip taken from
"About 1 year ago, conspiracy youtubers started getting flooded with flat earth video recommendations even though they had previously never watched a flat earth video in their life. Cass Sunstein, ... chief Obama administration propagandist describes this technique in his book “Nudge.” The technique is to target groups whose opinion they want to shape and gently nudge in the certain directions with several techniques. These include infiltrators and internet forums or comments sections of articles as well as using connections with websites such as youtube to give people recommendations based on their data to push them where they need to go.


I have come across many people who just one year ago were speaking serious truths. Now all they want to talk about is the flat earth, something of no consequence compared to the murder of almost all of humanity.

These people have been NEUTRALIZED.[2]"


Snip taken from
"They justify their preposterous sophistry and wacky ideas by routinely outing NASA as a serially prevaricating government agency, which they are — and then using their well-known deception as a justification to overturn the entire paradigm of modern astrophysics. Talk about throwing the baby out with the bath water. There is no astronomical scientific truth that the Flat Earthers have left unassailed. You name it — gravity, a spherical Earth and other planetary orbs, rotational movement of the planets. planetary revolutions around the Sun — they throw it all out and label it as 'NASA lies'.[5]"


Article Snip taken from
"The Flat Earthers were somehow brainwashed in such a way
that they can spontaneously suspend the use of their intellect.[4]"


Flat Earthers & Auto-Hoaxers

Flat Earth has taken like wildfire, and so has a somewhat new phenomenon along with it termed as the 'auto-hoaxer' crowd. This crowd insists that every single event formerly & credibly termed false flags are actually hoaxes where crisis actors are used and the victims are carted off to crisis actor island... While I personally do find it credible that the shadow government would hoax events, this auto-hoaxer crowd has been insidious to the credibility of conspiracy truth in a way similar to flat earth. All it takes is a precisely calculated predictive programming to flare up any auto-hoaxer. If comments and standard psychology are any indication, alt media consumers need much better discernment & critical thinking skills and much less gullibility. Society is rife with imbalances, conspiracy believers believe too much and perma-skeptics just about never get any deeper truth right. Somewhere in between those 2 demographics lies the truth and the formula to obtain the truth...

[2]: A Sean Caiside article Flat Earth PSYOP -
[6]: Flat Earth Psychological Operations Thread - (
[7]: Flat Earth Theory and the Pole Stars Conundrum - (
[8]: Tilt of Saturn - (

Resources: Article 1 Article 2 Article 3 Article 4 Article 5
John B. Wells on Flat Earth


  1. yah, no.. the earth is flat.. the truth is just coming to the surface... ! pun intended. They can't control everything. Your blog, case in point.

  2. I could see NASA intentionally doing things to flare up the flat earthers, the PSYOP has been a smashing hit.

  3. Added 2 bullet points May 19th, 2017. More added between then and this comment's timestamp.

  4. I have always agreed with this kind of reasonings that you expose here, about the nature of Psy Op of the 'flat-Earth' movement & fashion.

    In my own opinion... it had all the clues to be considered as a 'Jesuit Psy Op' based in... 'real black magic' (ergo: Hypnosis).

    We shouldn't forget that in most of the cases, also flath Earth theories and reporters... conclude in a sort of religious arguments, kind of... 'Bible was true'; 'god is the one creator'; 'flat Earth paradigm was described in Genesis and lots of ancient "sacred" texts"... 'Jesus is coming'... and etc., etc., etc.

    Such is the case with the masses of communicators of the 'flat Earth' movement ... who connect their arguments with the most rancid, histrionic and ridiculous religious tendencies; both Islamist and Judeo-Christian patterns of cosmic understanding.

    I sincerely think that... when all this nauseative jew-christian shit comes to any sort of scientific debate... only jesuits' think-tanks might be behind the scenes.

    And related to the thesis about the professionals YouTubers that may have been payed off in order to spread flat Earth postulates... I should refer the case of the guy Iru Landucci as suspicious to be included in that agenda.

    His insistent emphasys refering tons and tons of video-stuff that... "undoubtelly" drives to a 'flat-Earth understanding' make him certainly suspicious of being subventioned for his job.

    Landucci is a guy from Argentina who also refers some english contents in his channel.

    However... there are a few facts that should be had in mind in the extensive list of indications presented by the 'flat Earth movement' followers:

    There is not a single planet image susceptible to be considered as real truth in any of the NASA outer space imagery catalogue.

    And at the same time, the ridiculous scenes of the allegued ISS crew and other astronauts shown in TV shows are being obviously made up in TV chroma-key sets and studios.

    Anyway... thanks for your... -always- ...interesting analysis.

  5. "Are there any flat-mooners?" ~Alternative NOAA

  6. You don't see the flat earthers going to CNN's channel and the like on youtube for example . Do you wonder why when CNN has more gullible viewers and instead they go to conspiracy web sites to promote their BS ?


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