About About is a website produced by myself (Omnisense) to combat the rampant information warfare and mind control programs of the 20th and 21st century. Intelligence agencies around the world are guilty of a treasonous information war against the international population (Especially the CIA). This information war is largely being perpetrated through the use of microwave transmitters cleverly set up to double as cell phone towers. These psychological operations are pervasive and have penetrated every modernized nation's domestic population.

(Bullet Points taken from my Upcoming Book: The Electronic Control Grid)
Objectives of PSYOP - PSYOP Tactics:
• Societal Engineering / Population Conditioning / Perception Management
• Predictive programming aimed at behavioral change[1]
• Predictive programming with an intent to manipulate beliefs
• Internet Information War - Obfuscating the Truth
• Information warfare directed at controlling the opposition
• To co-opt the internet based 'truth movement'
• To discredit the truth - To cover up the truth
• Information warfare objectives of marginalizing sensitive information in the public mind
• Set up remote influencing technology proliferation concealing cover stories
• To manipulate the enemy (the civilian population) into fruitless paths
• To create apathy / To suppress effective oppositional activity
• Demographics divided into left & right brain imbalances
• To warp mind programming tied to language, aligning to an agenda (Termed NLP)
• To establish extraterrestrial cover stories to be used for sensitive truths
• Disinform the open minded related to extraterrestrials
• Information warfare aimed at contrasting negatively with deeper truth
• Smaller truths distracting from greater truths

“It’s not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter
of what is perceived to be true.” ~Henry Kissinger
PSYOP Technology:
• Directed energy weapons/implants are the physical source of electromagnetic mind control
• Artificial intelligence operates the electromagnetic weaponry
• Remote computerized tracking of targets via DNA and bio signatures
• Neural monitoring data Ai processed - Thought surveillance analysis
• Full blown mind surveillance has been achieved in black projects
• Ai mapping of all brain waves for strategic warfare versus the global population
• End game virtual reality - Synthetic dream mind control programs
• Exotic Neuroscience - Synthetic signals in the brain (e.g. Neurobody tech)
• The brain is open source to electromagnetic technologies
• Major operations enhanced or carried out by full black project technology suite

“An army of CIA AI based channelers pepper alt media with information warfare.”
• A global crime syndicate covertly orchestrates events behind the scenes
• An electronic telepathy cybernetic secret society heads operations
• Intelligence Agencies worldwide - Intelligence & military electronic telepathy networks
• Electronic telepathy provides for generally secure, paperless communications
• The CIA
• The Vatican
• The Pentagon / US Army
• Military Industrial Complex
• Select world leaders & bloodliners
• Mainstream Media
• Israeli Intelligence / Mossad
• British Intelligence / MI5 / MI6
• Select Corporations
• Many more...

“An intended effect of information warfare is the
division of those who disagree with each other.”
• Ability to play God with the enemy's mind has been obtained (The population is the enemy)
• An army of unwitting mind control assets is the new age of the infowar
• At this time the internet population is almost completely unaware of technological psychological operations aimed at their demographic
• New Age psychological operations as a form of engineered mass delusion
• Psychological warfare deployed through mainstream media / Hollywood & beyond
• Information warfare deployed through unwitting alt media mind control assets & beyond
• Psychological operations weaponized against domestic populations
• There are psychological operations for all demographics
• Strategic cover up of conspiracy taking place at all times
• The electronic control grid’s massive scope enables programmable mass delusions
• Smorgasbord of psychological operations via electronic control grid Archives
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General PSYOPS Archive
New Age PSYOPS Archive
Electronic Targeting PSYOPS Archive
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  1. Excellent information Omni.

    When we combine these deliberate psychological mind control operations with a cashless society, micro-chipping and forced vaccines we have moved to the next level of total population control; where compliance is rewarded and non compliance, belief in freedom and independent thinking is punished.

    One stop away from total doomsday control.

  2. So far so good. I love the feel of the new site.

  3. Wow! Great looking site! Keep on keep in' on, Omni.


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